Kamala Chaand Dance Company needs your help!

From Kamala Chaand Dance Company, Inc.:
“Friends, we are so sad to inform students and our fan base that sometime after last Thursday (June 11, 2015), our studio experienced a robbery by someone with a key to the studio.

Missing from our office that was rifled through is our bank bag containing a month of tuition and troupe fees in mostly cash as well as checks.

We are simply distraught that this could happen to us. Small businesses of every kind cannot suffer this kind of loss well.

We are working with St. Paul police and our landlord to try to solve this troubling event.

Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes right now. We are also going to set up a gofundme to accept donations to help recover some of our loss.”

We’re pretty upset about this.
We only moved into the studio in February, and are starting to collect a student base that can more than support our rent and expenses.
We have 3 – THREE – new troupe mates, and things were looking great for us.

And then this.
It’s pretty disheartening.

KCDC’s GoFundMe

Thank you!



One thought on “Kamala Chaand Dance Company needs your help!

  1. Adara Din says:

    Reblogged this on Searching For Brigid and commented:

    Help us recoup some of our loss after a recent theft.
    If you aren’t able to help financially, please consider sharing our GoFundMe page.
    Thank you!


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